Life as a Romantic Comedy

Dysfunctional Literacy

Emma and Literary Girlfriend

Sometimes it takes years or decades to realize that something wasn’t normal.  Over 20 years ago, I dated a woman who wore big glasses and carried around a Jane Austen book just so people would think she was smart.  Back then, I thought it was cute, not weird.  This girlfriend did some other stuff that I knew was weird (like eating corn chips loudly at a public library), but at the time I never thought about writing about it.

Now when I think about it, I see this ex-girlfriend’s literary pretention as strange.  In a lot of ways, I’m a literary fraud too, but at least I’ve tried to read some of the books that I (used to) carry around.  It was this ex-girlfriend’s lack of trying that made it weird.  About a year ago, I finished writing “The Literary Girlfriend,”  my romantic comedy about this relationship.  Originally, the blog version was…

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Tiembla James Bond… El otro día tuve la oportunidad de ir al cine a verla película de Kingsman, en películas pasadas me había tocado ver el tráiler y la verdad me daban ganas de verla aunque yo no soy súper fan de las películas de espionaje. Seguir leyendo